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Our Literacy Curriculum 

At Redwood, we use a wide range of high quality stimuli to inspire children to write imaginatively and develop creativity and flair, alongside the technical 'tools' for writing. This will include both fiction and non-fiction books, poetry and film clips. The children are given a wealth of opportunities to write across a range of genres and for a range of audiences and purposes, including regular 'real-life' opportunities. We endeavour to ensure our English curriculum is culturally and socially diverse, whilst developing an historical awareness; making links to topic areas, where appropriate. Whilst providing adequate challenge and high expectations, we incorporate spelling, grammar and punctuation objectives within all writing opportunities, thus ensuring a progressive development of skills for writing composition across a range of genres.




We have a termly 'whole-school write' where all children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 produce a piece of writing around a given theme. We celebrate the children's writing through our termly 'Redwood Writer Award'.

Redwood Writer Award

Whole-School Write