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Here is the long-term overview for History at Redwood this year. It outlines what the children of all year groups will be learning and how. 

In the past, there were many different ways to listen to music. Some of them are shown here in our Nursery. 


The Reception children have been learning about the history of their families. Here is some artwork about family members and houses. 


In Year 1, our children learn about the history of toys in their Terrific Toys topic. They have visited Sudbury Museum of Childhood and then performed an assembly to their parents, showing everything they have learnt. This picture is just before 'curtain up'!!

As part of their Stone Age topic, Year 3 visited Cresswell Crags near Worksop. While they were there, they explored caves, investigated buried bones, were shown how fire was made, threw spears and also built shelters to sleep in for the night. Then they returned to sleep in their 21st century beds!




Our Year 5 children have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons this autumn. Where did they come from? How did they invade? Did King Arthur really fight against them and did he actually exist? Our displays have evolved as learning has taken place. Next, they will be building Anglo-Saxon houses based on real-life archaelogical findings. Did you know Repton (not far from here) was the mighty Anglo-Saxon capital of Mercia, one of the seven great kingdoms?!





On the 11th November we celebrated Remembrance Day. Here is one of our displays from around school.