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Maths Unit Progression Overview

This overview details the learning that the children will be completing each year, showing how this learning builds and develops as the children move throughout Redwood.

These lesson by lesson overviews give a rough outline of the learning objectives that will be taught each year. To make sure that the needs of all children are met, these lessons are subject to change to suit the needs of different year groups and individual children.

A typical lesson at our school


1. Teaching for memory - at the start of a lesson the children will practice a skill that has been taught previously, to encourage a secure understanding and mathematical fluency.
2. Lessons include small, coherent steps to success that all children can follow and use to be successful.
3. Using manipulatives (e.g. the bar and counters) as well as visual representations (e.g. drawing bars and counters) to create a deep understanding of a topic.
4. Making links to the quickest, abstract methods (in this case the link between fractions and division).

Times Tables Rock Stars

We understand how important it is for children to develop their mathematical fluency so that they know more and can remember more. That is why we use Times Tables Rock Stars to support the learning of multiplication and division facts. Below is a video of one of our many "Rock Heroes" in Year 4, demonstrating his talent.