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Redwood's Aims and Ambitions

Aims for 2018-19


Our aims for 2018-2019 fall within three main categories.


  • School Sport
  • Physical Education
  • Physical Activity



School Sport


We aim to provide a wide range of sports and competitions each year at Redwood.

Our main aims for this year are:

  • To inspire all children to take part in school sport by providing a wide variety of activities e.g. Fencing, Dodgeball and Archery.
  • To provide all children the opportunity to attend an after school club. For example, by providing vouchers to attend clubs for children who are entitled to Pupil Premium.
  • To take part in lots of competitions in school and across the city.


Physical Education


We want all children at Redwood to have the highest quality PE lessons. We want to ensure all staff are committed to delivery the best lessons and are confident in doing so.

Our main aims for this year are:

  • To implement a whole school approach to assessing PE to ensure consistency and help inform planning.
  • To observe and video best practice across the school.
  • To highlight Gifted and talented in PE across the school.


Physical Activity


All children should participate in 60 minutes of physical activity each day. At Redwood, we want to help children achieve by providing opportunities for all children to complete at least 30 minutes physical activity within the school day.

Our main aims for this year are:

  • All staff to be trained in "Active Classrooms" to support the use of physical activities cross curricular and to provide "brain breaks" during lessons.
  • To assess children's fitness levels in school and provide interventions to support the less active children.
  • To encourage the use of sport at break times and lunch time to keep children active and support behaviour management during these times.