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Our PE Curriculum leads are : Mrs Dobson and Mrs Harvey - Atkins 



Our intention is to deliver a curriculum that enables children to build upon their prior learning and fundamental skills as well as developing their knowledge, skills and vocabulary in a broad range of sporting activities. We aim to teach values and transferrable life skills, such as tolerance, fairness and respect to prepare children to be successful global citizens.

Through enrichment activities and intra and extra school competitions and festivals, we aim to raise the profile of PE and expose our children to a range of sports they may never have had the opportunity to engage with.



- Children participate in high-quality PE lessons.
- Teachers use, and adapt, Derby County Community Trust’s scheme to ensure lessons are progressive.
- Classes follow the PE overview to ensure children participate in a variety of sports.
- We assess children each term using an holistic approach which focuses on the whole child. Throughout the term, the 3 strands (head, heart and hands) are displayed and shared.
- We provide children with opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities that are inclusive, enjoyable and increase children’s physical activity.
-Children attend swimming lessons in Years 3 and 4, with additional lessons in Year 5, where needed, to achieve 25m.
- Children participate in a variety of competitive sports and festivals as part of Derby County Community Trust.
- Year 5 mini-leaders provide activities at lunchtime to support physical activity. 
All classes participate in 5-a-day, BBC Super Movers, Cosmic Kids, Go Noodle or Just Dance children's fitness videos on a daily basis to help children meet the 30 minutes of physical activity at school.
- Children participate in enrichment workshops covering a variety of sports throughout the year. For example, archery, tri-golf, tchoukball, fencing and volleyball which again provide the children with an opportunity to develop, improve their fitness and to try something new.
- We celebrate our year of sports with our annual Sports Day.



At Redwood, we ensure our PE curriculum is progressive and allows children to develop fundamental skills and apply them to a variety of sports and activities. All children are provided with the skills and are given opportunities to demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best. We endeavour for our children to understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and the benefit of physical activity upon their body and mind. We hope children enjoy PE and develop a love of sport and physical activity and that they pursue sport outside of school and continue to develop their enthusiasm and love after they have left Redwood Primary School. All pupils understand the value and importance of fair play, tolerance and being a good sports person.