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Stakeholder views

'Since joining Redwood from another school, my child has thrived immensely. His confidence and creativity have grown and he is enjoying school more than ever. He particularly enjoys Literacy and he loves the diverse range of texts he studies and how they relate to other areas of his learning. I am always aware of exactly what he is learning through the knowledge organisers which allow me to support his learning at home.' Redwood parent.


'My child is thriving at Redwood and enjoys all aspects of school. Not only does Redwood offer a high-level of classroom-based learning, it also encourages children to be independent learners outside of school and to pursue their own interests - these achievements get celebrated at Redwood too! My child has become much more resilient and is not afraid to make mistakes. I have a small child with big aspirations thanks to the inspiring staff at Redwood.' Redwood parent.


'Redwood has a varied and enriched curriculum, which is engaging and exciting for my child. I am pleased that the fantastic teaching staff take time to develop the interests and inquisitive mind of my child, such as when he asked questions about the history of slavery in Literacy. My son's teacher is very encouraging and supports and encourages him to build upon his strengths, but also adapts his learning if he is struggling, for example, with his writing and vocabulary. This has really helped him to overcome barriers and allowed him to continue to strive. My son really enjoys Art, PSHE and Maths and this is very obvious at home through his excitement to continue his learning and talk about what he has been doing at school. Redwood has fantastic enrichment opportunities. My son has been nominated to be a Mental Health Ambassador as well as School Council Officer. This has developed his confidence and he is proud to represent his classmates. He has also had the opportunity to attend out of school activities, such as Forest School, swimming, basketball, tennis and dance, as well as an exciting PGL residential opportunity.' Redwood parent.



'Redwood Primary enables my child to 'SHINE' by encouraging her to become a confident individual. R-Time lessons play an important role in helping children to develop life skills through emphasising the importance of manners and thinking of others. With the support of this and the topic knowledge organisers, we have enjoyable, meaningful conversations at home as a family which are led by my daughter and which support her personal learning journey. The knowledge organiser enables her to research topics independently and with ease. The curriculum jigsaw pieces link all the key aspects of a child’s learning and it is a fantastic way to allow children to understand and be proud of their learning journey.' Redwood parent.



'I like that the Curriculum is split into different sections or 'Jigsaw pieces' and how it covers everything my children need to know whilst keeping it fun for them. I feel this helps my children because they know that, even though they are at school to learn, they can still have fun so they enjoy learning. Work is always adjusted as needed and this definitely helps keep my boys on track as they are not left to struggle. My children love Maths, Art, P.E and Computing and I find the knowledge organisers help me to know what my children are learning about so I can help them at home with homework or help them to carry out research if it is something they want to discover more about at home. My children have plenty of support within school to help them learn and grow and this encourages them to have big dreams for the future'. Redwood parent. 


'Redwood Primary School provides the children and the parents with additional support outside the curriculum. The staff are understanding of children's needs and provide information and support throughout. Redwood is an excellent primary school; the teachers are outstanding and warm kind and strive each and everyday to provide a outstanding education for the children as well as activities designed to target children's mental, social and physical well being. Amazing school!' Redwood parent of pupil with SEND





We held class councils where we gathered the children's views on our Redwood Curriculum. These were shared at our School Council meeting. Here are the findings: