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Board of Governors Report 2017-18




The governing body cannot delegate any functions relating to:

  • changes to the Instrument of Government

  • appointing, co-opting or removing governors

  • appointing the Chair

  • appointing the Vice Chair

  • removing the Chair of Governors

  • deciding the arrangements for full governing body meetings

  • regulating the procedures at meetings, for example - adoption of Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, or taking decisions about clerking arrangements

  • decisions about the establishment, constitution, proceedings, remit and review of governors’ committees and the designation of individual governors to special roles – this must be determined annually

  • designating the two or three Performance Management governors dealing with the Executive Head teacher’s appraisal

  • maintaining a current Register of Pecuniary and Business interests of governors, the Executive Head Teacher, Heads of School and other staff involved in the financial management of the school

  • approving the school prospectus

  • publishing proposals for alteration, change of category or closure of the school

  • commenting on/objecting to the admission arrangements of another admission authority

  • fixing or consulting on admission numbers and variations to the school’s standard number

  • deciding the school session times

  • approving the first formal budget plan to be submitted to the LA for the financial year and ensuring it is linked to the School Improvement Plan

  • deciding on the arrangements for collective worship

  • deciding on any application to the Standing Advisory Council for RE (SACRE) in relation to the requirements for Christian collective worship

  • approving new policy or amendments to policies

  • adopting and reviewing the Home School Agreement

  • ensuring that relationship and sex education is delivered in a way which encourages pupils to have due regard to moral considerations and the value of family life

  • prohibiting political indoctrination and securing a balanced treatment of political issues

  • approval/ratification of Executive Head teacher, Head of School and deputy head teacher appointments (excluding temporary appointments).


    In addition to these statutory requirements, the LA recommends that the following decisions are also taken at full governing body level:

  • setting the Individual School Range (ISR) – this relates to Executive Head teacher’s, Head of School’s, Deputy and Assistant head’s salary

  • the appointment of a governor to investigate complaints against the Executive Head teacher and Heads of School, and to investigate allegations of financial irregularities where the Executive Head/Head of School is implicated

  • defining the financial responsibilities of the Governing Body, its committees, the Executive Headteacher, Heads of School and other staff

  • establishing the financial limits of delegated authority to enter into commitments and authorise payments determining the level of detail, minimum frequency and general format of financial information to be provided to the Governing Body, especially in relation to budget monitoring reports

  • approving an annual statement on what steps the school will be taking to ensure that the expenditure reflects the principles of Best Value.


    Any committee or individual to whom a decision has been delegated must report to the Governing Body in respect of any action or decision taken. The governing body can still perform functions it has delegated: this enables the governing body to take decisions on matters that are discussed at meetings on functions that have been delegated, for instance, the Governing Body can decide to move money from one budget heading to another in the light of changing circumstances, even if the function of approving and monitoring the budget has been delegated to a committee.