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Biorn is an ageing warrior who is trying his hardest to get into Valhall, where all the great Vikings go after their deaths. He must die an honourable death in battle. It seems quite a simple task - to get killed in a fight. However, things do not go to plan when he gets involved with a group of nuns, whose church is being attacked and burnt by an enormous, grotesque monster.


There are many great children's authors and they write stories that have been read by millions. But how did they get into that position? In this unit, we will learn about five top authors and learn about their lives as children, the very starts of their careers and their future plans. The Year 5 children will write biographies of these celebrated writers.


In order to fit in with our Viking topic, we will be learning about some of their great achievements in this book. It is written as a set of newspaper reports to make it more interesting. The children will learn about Vikings but also learn how to newspaper reports are produced. Hopefully, something incredibly exciting will happen in Sinfin that week - then we can write about it!


Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Well, Fred is an imaginary friend but he keeps being dumped for REAL friends. All he longs for is a lifetime friend, with whom he can stare at the clouds and play music. Will his dream come true?