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Things To Do!


smiley  Sing some nursery rhymes!  Click on the link below.

smiley  Go on a visit to the local library and find some books relating

     to our Topic this term. Find out opening times at Sinfin Library here


smiley   Ask your child to tell you what they have been doing at

      Nursery.  Encourage them to talk about what they like doing

      at Nursery and who they have been playing with.


smiley  Encourage your child's independence skills.  You could help

      them practice the following things: 


  • dressing/undressing themselves
  • taking off/putting on shoes and wellies
  • zipping up their own coat
  • going to the toilet and washing their hands
  • using a knife and fork

smiley  Read books with your child and encourage them to look

      after the book, turn the pages, talk about the pictures and

      answer questions about the story.


smiley  Help your child learn to recognise their own name and begin

     to write it.


smiley  Count up to 10 (then 20 once they are confident)  and sing

      number rhymes.


smiley  Do some cooking or gardening with your child.   If your

      child would like to bring in something they have baked or

      planted to show to their friends that would be lovely!  BBC Good Food website has children's recipes


smiley  Go on walks in the local area, just next door you will find     Sinfin Nature Reserve or take a trip a little further

      afield!  If you go on a special outing, you could take photos

      for your child to bring into Nursery and talk about.