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New Curriculum Spelling List Years 3 and 4

accident century experiment interests particular remember
accidentally certain extreme island peculiar sentence
actual circle famous knowledge perhaps separate
actually complete favourite learn popular special
address consider February length position straight
answer continue forwards library possess strength
appear decide fruit material possession suppose
arrive describe grammar medicine possible surprise
believe different group mention potatoes therefore
bicycle difficult guard minute pressure tough
breath disappear guide natural probably although
build earth heart notice purpose through
busy eight height occasion quarter various
business eighth history occasionally question weight
calendar enough imagine often recent woman
caught exercise increase opposite regular women
centre experience important ordinary reign  




Week 1: Words with the c sound spelt ch (E.g. ahce, chaos, anchor, character, mechanic, chemist and orchestra)


Week 2: Words with the sh sounds spelt ch (E.g. brochure, chandelier, chalet, charade, machine, moustache and parachute)


Week 3: Adding the suffix -ion  (E.g. action, attraction, celebration, collection, education, hesitation, invention and subtraction)


Week 4: Adding the suffix - ian (E.g. electrician, magician, mathematician, musician, optician and politician)


Week 5: Adding the prefix re- (E.g. reappear, remake, rearrange, reconnect, recycle, redecorate and replace)


Week 6: Adding the prefix anti- (E.g. antibiotic anticlockwise, antifreeze, antiseptic and antisocial)


Week 7: Adding the prefix super- (E.g. superglue, superhuman, superhero, supermarket, supersonic and supersize)