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Important Information


Door/gate opening times for Nursery sessions:



Dropping off:  Nursery door opens 8:50 - 9:00

Collecting:  Nursery gate opens 11:50 - 12:00



Dropping off:  Nursery gate opens 12:15 - 12:20

Collecting:  Nursery door opens 3:05 - 3:15


  • Lateness - if you arrive at Nursery once the doors are closed, please go to the main school office. 


  • Absences - if your child is not able to come to their Nursery session, please make sure you ring the office to let us know before their session begins.


  • Illness - if your child is off with sickness or diarrhoea, please note they must not return to Nursery until 48 hours after their symptoms finish.


  • Fun Money – if you are able to make a voluntary contribution of 50p a week to our Fun Money it will be greatly appreciated. This money is used to buy things that need to be replenished frequently such as play dough, malleable materials and baking ingredients. There is a moneybox in Nursery that your child can put their contribution in. Thank you


  • Spare Clothes - please ensure that your child has a bag of spare clothes on their peg or left with their key worker just in case of any accidents. We do have spare clothes at Nursery but children usually prefer to wear their own.


  • Toys From Home - we advise that your child does not bring toys from home into Nursery.  Children become very upset if special toys get lost or broken.  Thank you for your understanding. 


  • Snack - we have a snack table at Nursery which the children have free access to.  They can choose a piece of fruit and a drink of milk or water.  Therefore you do not need to send your child to Nursery with any drinks or snacks in their bag, unless they are for your child to have when you pick them up.


  • Making Area - we are always grateful for any resources we can use in our making area such as boxes, cartons and yoghurt pots.  Thank you.


  • Library - the children may choose a book from our Nursery Library box  (which can be found near the main door in Nursery) to take home each day. Please sign the books out/in on the sheet on the table.


  • Naming Clothes - we cannot emphasise enough how important it is that every item of clothing your child wears/brings to Nursery is named. We have noticed in particular that many of the children’s coats do not have their name in.  Please put your child’s name on everything to ensure your child’s belongings do not get lost or muddled up with other children’s’ belongings.  Don’t forget smaller items such as socks, shoes, hats, gloves and scarves! You can buy fabulous stick in name labels on line that will wash and stay put. Thank you.


  • Cold Weather Clothing - the weather is so unpredictable, please make sure you send your child to Nursery with a warm coat, a hat, a scarf and some gloves.  We go outside every day as part of our curriculum.  Again, please name every item.


  • Wellies - please make sure your child brings a pair of named wellies to Nursery every day. If your child wears their wellies to Nursery, please ensure they have a pair of shoes to change into as well. If you do not wish to bring wellies to and from Nursery every day, you can give them to your child’s key worker and we will keep the wellies in your child’s Group Room permanently.  Thank you.


  • Collecting Your Child - for safeguarding reasons, please remind your child that when you come to pick them up from Nursery they must not come to you until their keyworker has said their name.  On a similar note, please remember to let us know if somebody different is coming to pick up your child from Nursery.We will not let your child go with any adult that we have not been informed of.