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Autumn term 1: There's a Viking in My Bed


In Literacy, we will be reading two books by Jeremy Strong (There's a Viking in my Bed and A Viking at School). During this topic, we will be making predictions about the story, exploring the imagery and description, writing diary entries and looking closer at the grammar within the book.

Autumn Term 2: Leon and the Place Between


During this term, we will be looking in detail at the book 'Leon and the Place Between.' We will be focusing on the use of alliteration, noun phrases, repetition and onomatopoeia within the book. We will also be creating our own persuasive advert.

Spring term 1: The Firework Maker's daughter


During this term, we are focusing on the book 'The Firework Maker's daughter,' written by Philip Pullman. This story is set in ancient China and we will be exploring the rich imagery and description of Lila's journey through the story. Furthermore, we will be having a go at writing our own versions of the narrative.  

Spring term 2: The Lost Thing

Summer term 2: Kensuke's Kingdom