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Dates For Your Diary

                                         Dates for the Autumn Term



smileyFriday 6th September INSET Day

smileyFriday 20th September Jeans for Genes Day. Wear your jeans and donate £1

smileyWednesday 25th September PCSO visiting in the afternoon                                    

smileyWednesday 9th October Come and Share a Book 8.50am and 2.30pm & Nurse Sarah teaching the children first aid and about her role as a Sister at Derby Royal

smileyWednesday 16th October Maths Workshops 9am and 2.15pm (in nursery)

smileyMonday 21st October Parent's Evening                                                                                                                        smileyWednesday 23rd October Visit Sinfin Library with our families                                                                                                                 smileyThursday 24th October Parents Evening                                                                                                                     smileyMonday 28th October - Friday 1st November Half Term Holiday                                                      

smileyMonday 4th November INSET Day

smileyTuesday 5th November Back to School

smileyWednesday 6th November PCSOs visiting nursery in the morning

smileyWednesday 6th November Diwali Disco 4.30-5.30pm

smileyMonday 13th November Come and Share a Book 

smileyWednesday 14th November Come and Share a Book and Diwali Family Disco

smileyWednesday 20th November Dental Team visiting nursery

smileyWednesday 4th December Nursery Christmas Performance

smileyWednesday 11th December Nursery Christmas Come and Make

smileyWednesday 18th December Nursery Christmas Party with Mrs Sparkle

smileyMonday 23rd December—Friday 3rd December Christmas Holiday

Spring Term

smileyMonday 6th January 2020 Back to School

smileyWednesday 8th January Phonics Workshops 9am and 2.30pm (in nursery)

smileyWednesday 29th January Come and Share a Book 8.50am and 2.30pm  

smileyMonday 4th -Friday 14th February We Are All Special Fortnight

smileyWednesday 5th February Come and Make a Special Picture Frame'

smileyMonday 10th February Parent's evening 

smileyThursday 13th February Parent's evening

smileyFriday 14th February Inset Day - nursery closed

smileyMonday 17th -Friday 21st February Half Term                                                                                     

smileyMonday 24th February Back to School                                                                                                                                   

smileyWednesday 4th March Come and Share a Book 8.50am and 2.30pm

smileyWednesday 25th March Easter Bonnet Making Workshop 8.50am and 2.30pm  

smileyWednesday 1st April Easter Bonnet Parade 9.15am and 2.30pm  

smileyMonday 6th -Friday 17th April Easter Holiday  



Monday 20th April Back to School

Wednesday 6th May Come and Share a Book 8.50am and 2.30pm

Friday 8th May May Bank Holiday

Friday 22nd May Inset Day - nursery closed

Monday 25th -Friday 29th May Half Term Holiday     

Monday 1st June Inset Day - nursery closed

Tuesday 2nd June Back to School

Wednesday 3rd June Tywcross Zoo Trip

Wednesday 17th June Come and Share a Book 8.50am and 2.30pm

Monday 1st July SPORTS DAY

Wednesday 15th July BEACH DAY  

Friday 24th July Nursery Breaks Up for the Summer