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2022 Attainment and Progress

We are incredibly proud of our pupils' attainment and progress throughout their time at Redwood Primary School. They work hard to SHINE in everything they do, in spite of the challenges we have all faced over the last two years with the Covid-19 pandemic. 



  • By the time pupils leave Redwood Primary School, they exceed national averages in Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and Maths. They achieve in line with pupils nationally in Writing.
  • 80% of KS2 pupils met the expected standard in Reading with 26% of pupils working at the higher standard. 88% of pupils met the expected standard in Maths with a third of all Y6 pupils working at Greater Depth in this subject. 88% of pupils reached age-related expectations in SPaG and over 40% of pupils met the higher standard.
  • Pupils in Key Stage 1 achieve broadly in line with children nationally in Reading, Writing and Maths. 
  • By the end of Year 2, the majority of pupils reach the expected standard in Phonics. Continued phonics teaching and phonetically decodable reading books ensure those pupils who did not pass the Screening Check by the end of Y2 catch up quickly. 
  • Our catch-up programmes will continue in September with a strong emphasis on supporting our youngest pupils who were most affected by the disruption to education during their early years. 


Please see below for more detailed information about our 2022 results.