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Design an Easter Egg Competition
Redwood Hospital with Nurse Sarah
Sharing Stories with Year 6
Outdoor Fun

Seaside Day

SPORTS DAY in the afternoon
SPORTS DAY in the Morning
Twycross Zoo

Meeting Jay Jay the Baby Tarantula

Getting Active for Sports Relief

Easter Bonnet Parade with Reception 

Easter Bonnet Making

World Book Week

Sharing books with our families

All Different and All Special

Making a frame with our families

Come and Make Christmas Crafts

Meeting Sister Sarah from the Derby Royal

The children were eager to learn how to take care of someone who is poorly of hurt. They learnt about the equipment and how to apply bandages. They also learnt who to put someone in the recovery position. What an amazing day!

 A BIG THANK YOU to Sister Sarah for taking the time to teach us here at Redwood Nursery.

Part One

Meeting Sister Sarah Part Two

Passport Launch with a visit to Sinfin Library

Part 2

A BIG THANK YOU to Heather and the Team at Sinfin Library 

Launching our Passport with a trip to Sinfin Library

Trip 1

Taking the tour of PCSO Rob and PCSO Joe's Police Van 

Meeting PCSO Rob Webb

We learnt about stranger danger and how to stay safe when out and about. We also talked about wearing our seatbelts in the car and know why it is so important.

First Days at Nursery

A snapshot of the fun of 2016/17

Beach Day Fun with our families

Garden Development

We are developing our garden and have made some changes already. The children love our new Mud Kitchen and the big Sports Zone.

Family Fun at Easter

Our families joined us to make Easter Bonnets, have fun and watch the parade. Such a lovely day.

World Music Workshop

The children had a wonderful time exploring the different sounds from a wide variety of instruments.

Fun Outdoors

The children just love being outdoors. They don't mind what the weather is like, they just wrap up and get exploring.

We love risk taking and challenging ourselves too.



Christmas Party!

December 14th 2016


Christmas Concerts

7th December 2016


Christmas Come & Make

November 30th 2016


Nursery Rhyme Concerts

November 2016


'Autumn Come & Play'

October 2016


Our First Star Of The Week Celebration!

12th October 2016


Fun With The Parachute!

October 2016


Star Dance!

This week in Hall Time we learnt a special Star Dance.  We were shooting stars, pointy stars, twirly stars and jumping stars!  We practiced our movements then put them all together to music to create our beautiful dance.

We are also getting really good at taking our shoes and socks off and putting them back on again all by ourselves.  We are so independent!

26th September


We have been helping the new children settle in.  We have been kind, caring and friendly and have been helping the teachers teach our new friends all about Redwood Nursery.

September 2016


Our Trip To The Library

September 2016


Seaside Day!

July 2016


Our Visit To Mrs King's Campervan!

July 2016

We have been thinking about different ways to get to the seaside.  We all loved learning about Mrs King's campervan!


Sports Fortnight - Sports Day Number 2!

7th July PM



Sports Fortnight - Sports Day Number 1!

29th June AM


Sports Fortnight - Come and Make a Medal!

June 2016


Sports Fortnight - Aerobics!

June 2016


Messy Play!

We love messy play!  As well as being lots of fun, it helps us to learn too!  There are so many benefits to messy play.  Please click on the following link to learn more...

Below are a selection of photos of us getting messy with different materials!  Here are some ideas of things we enjoy exploring that you might like to try at home...


  • Jelly
  • Spaghetti
  • Jelly AND spaghetti mixed together!
  • 'Gloop' (cornflour and water)
  • Cereal
  • Shaving foam
  • Flour
  • Shredded paper and water
  • Strawberry Whip/Chocolate Whip
  • Sloppy Sand (sand mixed with lots of water)
  • Bars of soap, water and sponges
  • Soap flakes and water (whisked)
  • Cloud dough (8 cups of flour, 1 cup of olive oil - you can also add food colouring/powder paint)
  • Compost/soil & water
  • Custard
  • Rice
  • Sand Foam (sand mixed with shaving foam)

Click on this link for some more ideas and recipes...


Easter Bonnet Parade!

March 2016


'Come & Make'

an Easter Bonnet

March 2016


World Book Day

March 2016


Fun With The Parachute!

February 2016



Our Christmas Party!

December 2015



Christmas 'Come And Make'!

December 2015